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Module 1 — ECU Hitachi Generation 1 Nissan/Infiniti/Renault

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Basic equipment
Module 1 — ECU Hitachi Generation 1 Nissan/Infiniti/Renault — 520 $
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This module is an annual subscription with technical support. Renewal will have a 50% discount for the next year.

Limits: 1 file per day

Bit-switching of any error or group of errors is available. Disabling entire algorithms, such as:

  • Immobilizer (IMMO off);
  • Catalyst (CAT off);
  • Exhaust gas recirculation control system (EGR off);
  • Fuel vapor recovery system (EVAP off);
  • Misfire detection system (Misfire off),
  • Damper system (located inside the radiator grille) (Active Grille Shutter off);
  • Exhaust gas temperature sensor (EGT off) and any other system of your choice.

This offers a unique service with the correct automated shutdown of errors or vehicle systems. All software changes are made on the basis of a disassembler or a trained AI network, the percentage of errors is minimal. The algorithm will either not work, or it will work correctly.
There is an automatic determination of the generation of the ECU within the brand according to the bin file.

The following processors are supported:

 — SH705415N
 — SH705507N
 — SH705513N
 — SH705520N
 — SH705524N
 — SH705529N
 — SH705821N
 — SH705823N
 — SH705106N
 — SH705519N
 — SH705822N
 — SH705828N
 — SH705927N
 — S7253131N
 — S7253332N
 — S7254332N