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License 86 - GM ECU Sirius D3/D32/4R/42R/D42/D52

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Basic equipment
License 86 - GM ECU Sirius D3/D32/4R/42R/D42/D52 — 119 $
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SiriusD3/D32/4R/42R/D42/D52 of GM velicles.

The module has two tabs for working with these ECUs and has the following functions:

OBDII tab:

  • ECU identification (via OBDII).
  • Base software and calibration area reading (via OBDII).
  • Calibration area writing (via OBDII).
  • Recalculation of checksums.

Bench tab (BSL mode), cloning:

  • Full Flash Reading
  • Full Flash Writing
  • EEPROM Reading
  • EEPROM Writing

Not all software versions might be supported.