BitBox Updates and Additions!

New families:

♦ MB Delphi CRD3.XX TC1793 added to module MB Delphi Diesel CAN with reading/writing and checksums calculation
♦ Haval Bosch MED17.8.10 added to module China Bosch Petrol with bench reading/OBD writing and checksums calculation. Now available for TESTS

Fixes and improvements:

♦ Kia/Hyundai Continental SIM2K-141/341 fixed detection and reading will not be allowed for unknown ECU types
♦ Renault Continental EMS3125 fixed writing for some ECU types
♦ China Delphi MT92.1 fixed checksums calculation for some ECU types
♦ Fixed CVN detection for Toyota Denso Gen2 CAN ECUs during identification
♦ Beta ENDURO motorbikes with Continental M3C ECUs are now supported with FID:195