Warranty, Terms and Conditions

The manufacturer is liable for warranty obligations to the buyer. If the product does not have any manufacturer’s warranty, we provide our warranty for 1 year. We do not have our own equipment service facility. Devices with manufacturer’s warranty are subject to repair at specialized service centers, the location of which is stated in the warranty card (if available) and/or on the manufacturer’s website.

Warranty service is not performed if:

  • the product has traces of mechanical damage or opening;
  • warranty seals have been damaged;
  • сonditions of operation, transportation or storage have been violated;
  • the product has been repaired by persons who are not employees of the service center.

Return Policy

It is highly advised to contact us for confirming the return address as the tool might require shipping directly to the developer or manufacturer due to the shipping route being quicker or more convenient.

The Mailing address is the following:

ul Leningradskaya 71, Business Center «Parus», Off. 510, Vologda, Russia 160017
Tel. +7 981 508 23 13

There are also shipping companies that do not have offices in Vologda, thus it is best to interrogate on the shipping company prior to sending and to potentially avoid problems with customs.

Terms and Conditions

Company Registration details:

Moscow, Butlerova street, house 17, floor 3, 160/76, 117342

Please note that this is not the mailing address.