BitBox 3.3.0 rev 1

NEW MODULE — Continental M3C

OBD/Bench working with Continental M3C ECUs used in different moto/extreme vehicles.

Software identification, FullFlash reading and writing via CAN-bus, map area checksum correction.

  • Arctic Cat Continental M3C 9S12XE (FID:194)
  • BRP Continental M3C 9S12XE (FID:193)
  • Ducati Continental M3C 9S12XD (FID:191)
  • Ducati Continental M3C 9S12XE (FID:192)
  • KTM/Husqvarna Continental M3C 9S12XE (FID:196)
  • Kymco/Sherco/Stels/TGB Continental M3C 9S12XE (FID:195)

Attention! The files contain virtual EEPROM with mileage info, VIN, keys, etc. Make sure that you will make a MOD file based on the file you read. The module supports cloning as well.

Attention! Bench work with all the listed ECUs is guaranteed. OBD working is also possible if the vehicle has no systems that will interrupt connection — e.g. dashboard and power steering wheel in BRP. You will need to switch off those systems or work on the BENCH.

NEW MODULE — Honda Marine Keihin

Reflashing Honda Marine Outboard engines with Keihin ECUs.

Software identification, FullFlash reading and writing via K-line, checksum correction, EEPROM reading and writing, recovery from any states.

  • Honda Marine Keihin K-Line Reader (FID:229)
  • Honda Marine Keihin M32R 256KB (FID:228)

Attention! Some of ECUs may require external programming voltage to start writing. If this ECU type is detected automatically, BitBox will ask you to perform some actions — it is possible on the BENCH only. Please check the manual and YouTube videos for details.

NEW MODULE — Suzuki Marine

Bench working with Mitsubishi ECUs used in Suzuki Marine Outboards.

Current version supports only Suzuki Marine DF9.9B/15A/20A. Other ECU types/Outboards will be added ASAP.

  • FID 198: Suzuki Marine Mitsubishi MH8104F K-Line

Software identification, FullFlash reading and writing via K-line, checksum correction.

Attention! This module requires +16V programming voltage to be supplied to the ECU. This voltage can be taken from pin 12 of the J2534 device (preferred) or from an external power supply. The J2534 device must support single byte K-Line operations, +16V programming voltage set up on pin 12. Tactrix OpenPort v2 (preferred) and DrewTech Cardaq have been tested. DrewTech Mongoose, Scanmatik, Ford VCM2 do not support the required functions and cannot be used.

Fixes and improvements:

  • BMW Marelli MBC1(BMSE) added automatical reset adaptation values at the end of programming.
  • Kia/Hyundai Continental SIM2K-24x made better detection for SIM2K-242 ECU