BitBox 3.1.2 rev 4

BitBox 3.1.2 rev 4

NEW MODULE — MB Bosch MED17 CAN — OBD virtual reading and writing of Bosch MED17 ECUs in petrol Mercedes-Benz vehicles via CAN-bus.

  • Bosch MED17.7.1 / MED17.7.3 (FID: 205);
  • Bosch MED17.7.3.1 (FID: 204);
  • Bosch MED17.7.2 (FID: 203).

MODULE UPDATE — Trucks/Industrial Bosch EDC17CV41 now supports:

  • Ford Bosch EDC17CV41 in the test mode.

MODULE UPDATE — FCA Bosch Diesel CAN now supports:

  • FCA Bosch EDC17CP27 (FID: 108) MCU Infineon Tricore TC1797 with internal flash memory 2.0 Mb. OBD virtual reading and writing of calibration area, checksum correction.
  • FCA Bosch EDC17C49/C79 Reader (FID: 124) Bench reading of calibration area via CAN bus, checksum correction. Required when there is no file on the server.

MODULE UPDATE — MB Bosch EDC17 CAN now supports:

  • Bosch EDC17C43 (FID: 206)

Improvements and fixes:

  • Fixed writing of some Hyundai DMCI types of ECU;
  • Fixed writing of Toyota Denso Gen1 TCM in some cases;
  • MB Bosch EDC17CP10 added reading of new ECU type.

UI fix and improvements:

  • Fixed Master files window state;
  • Added Slave file removal in Master window;
  • Added show/hide filter of used files in Master window;
  • Fixed filtering by slave user in Master window.