BitBox Update!

Kia/Hyundai Continental SIM2K-25x/26x

BSL reading and writing of Continental SIM2K-250/251/260 ECUs used in petrol Kia and Hyundai vehicles.

Continental SIM2K-250/251 TC1782 (FID: 150);
Siemens SIM2K-250/251 with MCU Infineon Tricore TC1782 with internal flash memory 2.5Mb;
Reading and writing of calibration area in BSL mode. ECUs opening is required. Checksum and CVN correction.

Continental SIM2K-250/251 TC1767 (FID: 151) — under development;
Continental SIM2K-260 TC1791 (FID: 152) — under development;

Attention! BITS001 adapter required. Tested only with J2534 Tactrix Openport 2.0, DrewTech CarDAQ, Bosch VCM2.