New BitEdit module!

China Bosch MG1 is a software module for editing calibrations Bosch MG1UA008 and MG1US008 ECUs of petrol vehicles from Chinese market (JAC, Wey, Haval, Saic, Chery, Changan, Dongfeng etc…)

Module supports files 2.5Mb and 4Mb size.

Supported maps:

Air calculation: Air mass through throttle body, Calculation of nominal charge, Limit for maximum desired air charge, Maximum air charge for protection against over boost
Boost control: Boost pressure target in the calibration mode, Characteristic pressure ratio over turbine of high dynamics, Compression ratio for protection over speed of supercharger, Compressor efficiency, Compressor ratio for over speed turbine protection, Desired position boost pressure actuator, Westgate characteristic field of standard dimensions, Correction factor compressor efficiency
Engine speed limitation : Engine speed limitation during high temperature, Engine speed limitation from gear, Maximal engine speed at high oil temperature, Engine speed limitation in case of vehicle speed detection error, Maximal engine speed, Maximal engine speed in manual mode, Maximal engine speed in sport mode, Stationary engine speed limit, Stationary engine speed limit at high engine temperature, Stationary engine speed limit in manual mode, Stationary engine speed limit in sport mode
Fan Control (Test)
Function monitoring: Map of optimum engine torque in function monitoring, Optimum ignition angle, Ignition efficiency depending on delta ignition angle in monitoring, Lambda dependency of optimum ignition angle in function monitoring, Lambda efficiency in function monitoring, Maximal inner torque in monitoring, Overrun air charge factor in monitoring
Idle speed: Desired idle speed
Knock control: Knock detection factor characteristic map cylinder counter
Lambda: Delta nominal Lambda for component protection, Lambda component protection, Lambda component protection in case of detected camshaft error, Lambda correction for exhaust temperature at valve bank, Lambda engine during after start, Lambda engine nominal at warming up with active A/F control, Lambda engine nominal at warming up with active A/F control during dynamic conditions, Lambda enrichment for component protection, Target lambda for preventing pre-ignition, Minimum lambda value for component protection, Nominal Lambda for component protection, Lambda efficiency
Limiters: Vehicle speed limitation depending on gear, Maximum vehicle speed for Cruise Control, Minimum vehicle speed for Cruise Control
Requested torque: Accelerator pedal in sport mode, Driver command torque limitation, Engine drag torque, Inverse pedal position, Load torque for low idle, Load torque for reverse gear, Maximum indicated torque for overpower protection, Maximum indicated torque limitation factor for overpower protection, Optimum engine torque, Requested torque in additional mode, Maximum indicated torque for overpower protection, Parameter maximum torque, Parameter minimum torque
Spark advance: Spark advance in additional mode, Spark advance angle characteristic, Delta ignition angle from efficiency
Temperature correction: Compensation for intake air temperature for determination of environmental air temperature, Exhaust gas temperature calculated, Exhaust temperature valve homogeneous mode, Exhaust temperature correction based on intake air temperature, Exhaust temperature valve with offset correction based on air temperature in manifold, Exhaust temperature valve with offset correction based on environment temperature, Temperature factor for air at throttle valve
Throttle valve control: Desired throttle angle, Throttle angle at maximum mass flow, Full load recognition threshold, Throttle angle dependent on accelerator pedal position
VVT: Exhaust camshaft position, Intake camshaft position