ECM Titanium drivers update!

The Alientech team that deals with the Drivers update focused on the Bosch EDC17CP54 equipped on Audi and Volkswagen vehicles.

The ECUs involved is BOSCH EDC17CP54:

  • AUDI A6 (C7) 3.0L TDI 211 — 272CV
  • AUDI Q7 (4M) 3.0L TDI 218CV
  • VOLKSWAGEN AMAROK (S6) 3.0L TDI 163 — 224CV

In addition to the standard maps useful to significantly increase the performance of these ECUs, we present some specific maps, which will lead you to even better results.

TORQUE LIMITER f (APS): This is a map that manages the torque limitation according to absolute pressure sensor data.

TORQUE REQUEST: It is the map that manages the engine response and consequently the torque delivered based on the accelerator pedal position.

EGR — Track use: The EGR management map is used to deactivate the exhaust gas recirculation valve.

EGT: The increase in performance, and therefore in injected fuel, leads to an increase in temperatures in the exhaust gases.

INJECTION CORRECTION: The map manages, according to various parameters such as fuel temperature, intake air temperature, or others, how to correct the diesel injected to keep engine parameters and temperatures under control.

ECM Titanium