ECM Titanium drivers update!

ECM Titanium driver update on Bosch EDC17CP57 equipped on Mercedes-Benz Vehicles!

This ECU equips some of the diesel-powered vehicles by Mercedes-Benz, in particular the 3.0l and 2.2l diesel engines equipped both on commercial vehicles (Mercedes X-Class and Sprinter) and on passenger cars (Mercedes E-Class, ML, GLC, GLE, etc.) .

Below is an example of the maps that can be changed:

  • ENGINE TORQUE (Torque monitoring, Requested Torque, Torque Limiters, etc.)
  • INJECTION SYSTEM (Fuel Injected Quantity, Smoke Limiters, Injection Phase, etc.)
  • AIR CONTROL (Exhaust Gas Temperature)
  • TURBO (Turbo Pressure Limiter, Turbo Pressure, Variable Geometry Control)
  • RAIL (Rail Pressure, Rail Pressure Limiter)

Alientech ECM Titanium