MDflasher has opened pre-order for the new license!

This module is a dump editor which allows mileage correction with checksum corrections from the read EEPROM from the processor in the DSG DQ200, DSG DQ200_MQB, DSG DQ200G2, DSG DQ250E / F (02E) units installed on VAG vehicles.

The module supports:

  • Mileage reading of VAG vehicles via OBDII.
  • Automatic search for the mileage in the EEPROM file uploaded to the program.
  • Correction of all found mileages.
  • Calculation of ALL checksums in the EEPROM file after mileage correction.

The activation files will be sent after 20.09.2021

Not all software versions are supported. If the software versions are not supported by this license, please contact the support on this portal. Please also include a photo of the ECU and the full information regarding CFLASH, DFLASH, UCB, OTP, etc.