New Module from M&D Flasher

PRE-ORDER License 135 - Lada Vesta NG BCM BENCH

License 135 may be applied at the discretion of the licensee (user) to the following work:

from BCM to MC Artery AT32F435ZGT7 (FlashSize: 1024KB) installed on Lada Vesta NG cars since 2022, which allows for full-fledged repair and restoration work with these types of ECUs.

  • Identification
  • Reading/Writing DTC (Errors)
  • Reading/Writing FULL FLASH (read file is enough for recovery via JTAG)
  • Reading/Writing EEPROM area (data area is sufficient for cloning the ECU, if the basic software in the ECU matches, otherwise it is necessary to rewrite FULL FLASH)
  • Reading/Writing configuration
  • Ignition switch function
  • Ignition switch function

To work, you need a constant connection to the Internet.

Not all software versions may be supported.

The activation files will be sent after 04/02/2023