New Trasdata Master is in stock!

New Trasdata is a unique tool supporting all microprocessors utilized by any kind of vehicles in the Automotive field, for reading and programming operations in JTAG, BDM and BOOT mode.

New Trasdata allows the reading and programming of the whole content of the ECU: microprocessor (CPU), flash EEPROM and serial EEPROM. A wide variety of operations is therefore supported: after the initial reading, it is always possible to retrieve the original ECU content even in the case of blocking (back-up). The tool also performs autonomous checksum recalculations. No physical soldering/desoldering intervention is required: a metal positioning frame is provided with specific terminal adapters that creates the connection between the ECU board and the tool. In specific cases, it is possible to perform reading/writing operations without even opening the ECU.

The list of supported microprocessors (CPU) includes:

  • Freescale/ST MPC56xx SPC56x, Freescale/ST SPC5777C, Freescale SPC577M
  • Infineon Tricore, Infineon Tricore Aurix TC2XX
  • Mitsubishi MH72xx, MH82xx
  • Motorola HC12, MC68xxx, MPC5xx, MPC55xx,
  • Nec 76F00xx
  • Renesas M32R, SH705x, SH725xx
  • ST Microelectronics ST10xxx

New Trasdata is available in Master and Slave versions. To organise the work of several specialists (a network of representatives), it is cheaper to use New Trasdata Slave devices. Please note that you may only buy the Slave tool from us if the Master tool it will be tied to was purchased from us as well.

New Trasdata Master
New Trasdata Slave