PCMflash Update 1.2.8

NEW module - Module 87 PSA DCM6.2

Citroen/Peugeot 2.0L HDi (DCM6.2A) [RD/WR/CK]
Citroen/Peugeot 2.0L HDi (DCM6.2C) [RD/WR/CK]

Module 23 Subaru Denso now supports 2019-2021 Outback/Legacy (US market) with 2.5L engines

1.6L, 2.0L DI Denso 2018-2021 CAN-bus (1N83M/1.5MB) [RD/WR/CK]
Forester 2.5L DI Denso 2018-2021 CAN-bus (1N83M/4MB) [RD/WR/CK]
Outback/Legacy 2.5L DI Denso 2019-2021 CAN-bus (1N83M/4MB) [RD/WR/CK]

Module 42 Denso SH705x Bootloader now supports Volvo ECUs with SH7055 microcontrollers.

Module 47 Mitsubishi Gearbox CAN-bus: the reading issue of TC-SST Getrag 6DCT470 has been resolved.

Module 53 Infineon Tricore BSL now supports reading of the ME17.9.1 password.

Module 58 VAG DSG/CVT: the reading issue of some CVT VL381 versions has been resolved; the module now supports rare versions of DSG DQ500 0BH927711F with 0DL300011C/D/H used in Passat B8, Audi RS Q3 (reading, writing, checksum correction).

Module 71 Bosch MEDC17 Bootloader works better with ME17.3.0, EDC17C84.

Module 76 Kia/Hyundai Gearbox has an improved support of SIM2K-305.

Module 79 Mitsubishi CAN-bus Bootloader now supports Kawasaki ECUs with MH8610F/MH8611F microcontollers.

Module 80 Denso SH725xx/1N83M Bootloader now supports Subaru ECUs with SH72543 microcontrollers.

Module 81 JLR Gearbox now supports TCM ZF 9HP48 (software and EEPROM reading/writing via OBD), and TCM ZF 8HP45/8HP70 (FlexRay, map area reading/writing):

ZF 8HP45/8HP70 TCM (TC2xx) [RD/WR/CK]
ZF 9HP48 TCM (TC1782) [RD/WR/CK]