PCMflash Update 1.3.5

The new version of the bootloader has the following changes (for #1, 3, 4, 5) there are no analogues in the world:
1. Added new module 95 "Toyota/Lexus Generation 4", designed to work with Denso ECU with microcontroller R7F702002, installed in Toyota and Lexus cars with petrol engines 3.5T (V35A-FTS) and 2.4T (T24A-FTS) from 2022 model year (Toyota Tundra/Tundra Hybrid/LC300/Highlander, Lexus NX350/RX350/LS500/LX600). Supports reading and writing ECU by direct connection to its connector (no need to open it).

  • LC300/LX600/Tundra 3.5T P5-UDS (V35A-FTS/R7F702002)[[b]RD/WR/NC]
  • LS500 3.5T P5-UDS (V35A-FTS/R7F702002) [RD/WR/NC]
  • Tundra 3.5T HV P5-UDS (V35A-FTS/R7F702002) [RD/WR/NC]
  • NX350/RX350/Highlander 2.4T P5-UDS (T24A-FTS/R7F702002) [[b]RD/WR/NC]

2. In modules 31 "Mitsubishi K-Line" and 79 "Mitsubishi CAN-bus Bootloader" added support for Mitsubishi ECUs used in Kawasaki motorbikes with MH8115F microcontroller. Supports reading, writing, checksum corrections.
3. In module 58 "VAG DSG/CVT" added test support of service mode for ECU of robotised gearboxes Haval 7DCT450 (EAST80.D1) and Hyundai D8F48W (TAD801) using microcontrollers TC265/TC275. Supports read and write operations of built-in FLASH and EEPROM memory by direct connection to the ECU connector (no opening is required), checksum calculation and correction.

  • Haval 7DCT450 Bootloader (EAST80.D1 TC265/MICRO) [Test] [RD/WR/CK]
  • Haval 7DCT450 Bootloader (EAST80.D1 TC265/EEPROM) [Test] [RD/WR]
  • Hyundai TAD801 D8F48W Bootloader (TC275/MICRO) [Test] [RD/WR/CK]
  • Hyundai TAD801 D8F48W Bootloader (TC275/EEPROM) [Test] [RD/WR]

4. In module 83 "VAG Bosch DQ380/DQ381/DQ500/ZF 8HP" added possibility to read AL420/AL600 (09L/09E) automatic transmission ECU when connected to the diagnostic socket of the vehicle.

  • AL420/AL600 (09L/09E) K-Line [Test] [VR/RD/WR/CK]
  • AL420/AL600 (09L/09E) CAN TP2.0 [Test] [VR/RD/WR/CK]

5. Module 94 "Aisin SH705x TCU Bootloader" adds test support for Aisin ECUs with NEC D70F4019 microcontroller used with VAG AQ250 (09G), AL1000 (0C8), PSA AM6-3, Isuzu AWR6B45-2, Mitsubishi V8AWG, Toyota/Lexus AE80F, Volvo AWF8F35, BMW/Mini GA8F22AW automatic transmissions. Supports reading and writing of embedded FLASH and EEPROM memory by direct connection to ECU connector (no opening required), CW check and correction.

  • Aisin D70F4019 TCU (FLASH) [Test] [RD/WR/CK]
  • Aisin D70F4019 TCU (EEPROM) [Test] [RD/WR]