PCMflash Version 1.3.1-2

PCMflash update, version 1.3.1-2

  • For Module 71 "Bosch MEDC17 Bootloader" added support for previously unsupported ECUs released after 2021 due to TPROT level (EDC17C64, EDC17C57, EDC17CP62, MED17.9.3, MED17.9.9, MED17.8.34, ME17.9.64, DCU17PC43 and others);
  • Module 43 "JLR" resolved an issue with MED17.9.9 support when using FlexRay;
  • Module 51 "China" added test support of Delphi MT95 ECU installed in Tank 500 vehicle;
  • In Module 53 "Infineon Tricore BSL" its is now possible to read and write external EEPROM of ECU EDC17CV41 (95256);
  • In Module 79 "Mitsubishi CAN-bus Bootloader" added support of microcontroller MH8114 with flash memory of 768KB;
  • Module 80 "Denso SH725xx/1N83M Bootloader" now supports reading of microcontroller SH72530 in Nissan VCM ECU;
  • Available test modules China DCM6.2AP as well as MB CRD3/3P;
  • Other useful changes and edits.