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Mac/Mpc/Spc Programmer

Item no.: 40M1000
Contents of delivery
  • Programming tool
  • JTAG adapter
  • Software (available for download from the website)
Basic equipment
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MAC/MPC/SPC by Autokey is designed for working with 3-bit built-in 5ххх and 7ххх microcontrollers by Freescale Semiconductor. These processors are used in modern AirBag control units of FORD, KIA, CHEVROLET, HONDA vehicles as well as in ECUs of MERCEDES, CHEVROLET, FORD, etc vehicles. There is a free add-on to the software for Infeneon XCxxx processors.
The programming tool is made using modern technologies and has a light compact casing equipped with a USB port to connect to a PC. The main Flash memory and SHADOW units of the supported processors are read, deleted and written separately. JTAG signal voltage is selected between 3V and 5V automatically when selecting the processor. 5V power (USB port current limitation is 500mA) is supplied to the external connector for powering AirBag unit. The power is switched off automatically after every procedure. Separate powering of the unit itself is needed for processors with 3V JTAG.

List of supported devices

Freescale processors

  • MPC 5510
  • MPC 5554
  • MPC5565
  • MPC5566
  • MPC/SPC 5602
  • MPC/SPC 5603
  • MPC/SPC 5604
  • MPC/SPC 5605
  • MPC/SPC 5606
  • MPC/SPC 5607
  • MPC5668
  • SPC560B4
  • SPC560C4
  • SPC560P44
  • SPC560P50
  • MAC7241
  • MAC7242

Infeneon processors
XC2060N — 40 °F

  • XC2336B — 24 °F, 40 °F
  • XC2361A, XC2363A, XC2364A, XC2365A — 56 °F, 72 °F, 104 °F
  • XC2361B, XC2363B, XC2364B, XC2365B — 24 °F, 40 °F
  • XC2361E, XC2363E, XC2364E, XC2365E — 72 °F, 104 °F, 136 °F

Attention: Possible work with Infineon processors is viewed as a free of charge addition. There is no technical support for these processors. You can do all the operations with microcontrollers at your own risk.

We can ship it from the developer but you need to pay for the delivery twice, should the order contain anything else beside the tool.

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