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USB Dump Generator

Item no.: 40G1000
Basic equipment
USB Dump Generator — 36 $
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The calculator program USB Dump Generator is designed for auto diagnosticians. The local version works with a USB key. The program is used to speed up the process of editing and recalculating dumps and minimizing errors. The uniqueness of this product lies in its price, ECU coverage and versatility (does not depend on the type of programmer). No Internet connection is required to operate. The dump generator contains reference data, pinouts, and oscillograms.

The program can work with regular bin files, avoids manual editing of binary files, speeds up the process of cleaning and editing dumps, minimizing errors.

It consists of modules that can be activated in any order and sequence at the user’s request. In addition, with the purchase of any module, a free information module is provided.

Advantages of Dump Generator:

  • Ability to quickly search for ECUs;
  • FAP, soot removal, conversion to E2;
  • Disabling the immobilizer;
  • Error, removal of errors, calibrations;
  • PIN, getting PIN from dumps;
  • Ability to search for a processor by mask and back;
  • Ability to review the information module: pinouts, oscillograms and other information;
  • Ability to launch devices via CAN on the table. CanHacker, recording traces of Can bus signals, playback into the bus, executing commands via OBD;
  • Changing the localization of instrument panels, converting miles to km and back;
  • The database of block images is filled, it is possible to look at the selected block;
  • The database of eeprom and processor pinouts is being filled;
  • The ability to quickly send data for subsequent correction and adding new dumps.

System requirements:

  • 32-bit and 64-bit OS Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 11

The technical support is provided by the developer directly.

Module 1 Item no.:
179 $
Module 2 Item no.:
119 $
Module 3 Item no.:

FAP EGR E2 (Change in emission standards, engine ECU firmware)

List of supported ECUs

179 $
Module 4 Item no.:

Immobilizers (disabling the immobilizer by changing the dump).

List of supported ECUs

149 $
Module 5 Item no.:

Errors (editing dumps, for example, steering angle sensor, etc.)

List of supported ECUs

74 $
Module 6 Item no.:

PIN codes (subtracting PIN codes from dumps)

List of supported ECUs

74 $
Module 8 Item no.:

OBD module (starting devices via CAN commands, various operations without analysis)

List of supported ECUs

119 $
Module 10 Item no.:

Module Virgin (make the ECU new)

List of supported ECUs

45 $
Module 11 Item no.:

LCB (List Car Blocks) help module. It shows which tools and modules will work with the selected ECU, venicle, model, engine. Does not read, write or edit in any way.

List of supported ECUs

74 $
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