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OpelScanner Flasher for J2534

Item no.: 21O2000
Contents of delivery
  • USB dongle (Senselock)
Basic equipment
OpelScanner Flasher for J2534 — 50 $
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Status: In stock

This add-on to the main AutoScannerOpelCAN software is capable to reflash various Opel ECUs. The tool is useful for engine ECU chiptuning, restoring damaged firmware, programming new ECUs. The software works with the same hardware, as used by AutoScannerOpelCAN sofware, and requires an additional security dongle. The software is splitted into the modules, so you can choose and order only those module licenses, which are necessary in your work. New licenses can be added later via the internet.


Module 1 Item no.:

Simtec MS56.5: reading, writing.

50 $
Module 2 Item no.:

Simtec MS70: reading, writing;
Simtec MS71 (Z18XE and Z22XE): reading, writing;
Simtec MS71 (Y22XE): only writing; 
Simtec MS71.5: reading, writing;
Simtec МS71.6: reading, writing;
Simtec МS81: reading, writing;
Simtec МS75.1: reading, writing;
Simtec МS75.5: reading, writing.

150 $
Module 3 Item no.:

Bosch ME1.5.5: reading, writing;
Bosch ME7.6.1 (KWP): only writing; 
Bosch ME7.6.2 (CAN): reading, writing;
Bosch ME7.9.9 (CAN): reading, writing;
Bosch M3.1.1: reading, writing;
Bosch MЕ3.1.1 CAN: only writing.

150 $
Module 4 Item no.:

Multec HSFI C, Multec HSFI 2.0, Multec HSFI 2.1, Multec HSFI 2.4, Multec HSFI 2.5: reading, writing.

150 $
Module 5 Item no.:

MT35E (CAN), Multec H (Z16XE OVC): reading, writing.

120 $
Module 6 Item no.:

HDRC (Y17DT): reading, writing.

100 $
Module 7 Item no.:

EDC15M, EDC16C39: only writing.

120 $
Module 8 Item no.:

Bosch ME 9.6: map area writing.

150 $
Module 9 Item no.:

Multijet CAN: reading, writing.


250 $
Module 10 Item no.:

MTA CAN: only writing.

80 $
Module 11 Item no.:

PSG16 KWP, PSG16 CAN: only writing;
+ a complete set of the latest firmware.

450 $
Module 12 Item no.:

Simtec76 (Cruze 1.8): reading, writing.

100 $
Module 13 Item no.:

ACDelco E83 (A16XER): reading, writing of the map area.

150 $
Module 14 Item no.:

ACDelco E78 (A14NET): reading, writing of the map area.

150 $
Module 15 Item no.:

ACDelco E39 LDK (A20NHT): reading, writing of the map area.

130 $
Module 16 Item no.:

ACDelco E38 Chevrolet Tacho): reading, writing of the map area.

130 $
Module 17 Item no.:

ME764 (A16LET): only writing.

100 $
Module 18 Item no.:

Astra J/Chevrolet Cruze TCU: FULL reading, writing.

200 $
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