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China Bosch Moto/Extreme

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Basic equipment
China Bosch Moto/Extreme — 290 $
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FID: 6, 78, 79

Software module to work with Bosch MSE3.0 and US6.0/MSE6.0 engine control units. Allows you to identify the software version, virtual read files from our server and to write calibration area with automatic correction checksums on writing.

Bosch MSE3.0 (FID: 6, 78)

ECU is based on MCU ST10F275 with internal memory area 832Kb. Allows Virtual Reading and Writing with CS fixing. If we have no file on server it is possible to read in BSL mode with FID:78.

Bosch MSE6.0/US6.0 (FID: 79)

ECU is based on MCU SPC563M64 with internal memory area 1.5Mb. Allows Virtual Reading (and real reading if no file on server) and Writing with CS fixing. Work is possible on the BENCH only in case that there is no CANbus in diagnostic plug.