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Ford Delphi/Visteon Diesel CAN

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Ford Delphi/Visteon Diesel CAN — 175 $
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Reading and writing via CANbus for Ford diesel vehicles with Delphi ECUs.

Ford Delphi DCM3.5 (FID: 301)
Delphi DCM3.5 ECUs based on MPC5566 with internal flash memory 3Mb.
Reading and writing of calibration area, checksum correction via CANbus.

Ford Delphi DCM6.1 (FID: 302)
Delphi DCM6.1 ECUs based on TC1797 with internal flash memory 4Mb.
Reading and writing of calibration area with checksum correction via CANbus.

Ford Visteon DCU-10x/DCU-20x (FID: 318)
Visteon DCU-101/102/104/201 ECUs based on ST10F276 with internal flash memory 896Kb.
Reading and writing with checksum correction via CANbus.