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Honda/Acura CAN

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Basic equipment
Honda/Acura CAN — 273 $
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FID: 340

Module for reading and writing ECUs by CANbus used in Honda/Acura petrol vehicles.

Honda/Acura CAN (FID: 340)

Module supports ECUs based on:

  • Keihin SH7058 (1MB)
  • Keihin SH72543 (2MB)
  • Keihin SH72546 (3.75MB)
  • Keihin MPC5566 (3MB)
  • Keihin TC1782 (2.5MB)
  • Keihin TC275 (4MB)
  • Keihin SPC564 (2MB)
  • Matsushita SH7058 (1MB)
  • Matsushita SH72543 (2MB)
  • Panasonic SH7058 (1MB)
  • Panasonic SH72543 (2MB)
  • Panasonic TC179x (4MB)
  • Hitachi SH72543 (2MB)
  • Hitachi MPC5554 (2MB)
  • Hitachi R7F701202 (4MB)
  • Continental MPC5554 (2MB)


Allows reading/writing and checksums calculation with automatical detection of ECU type.

New ECU types will be added ASAP.