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BitBox Slave

Item no.: 11B2000
Contents of delivery
  • USB dongle (Senselock)
  • Software
  • Slave license
Basic equipment
BitBox Slave — 272 $
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BitBox Slave is a slave version of BitBox that allows identification, reading and writing of ECU internal flash memory for various purposes. It works via CAN bus or K-line data interfaces using an J2534 Pass-thru adapter.

If you have several branches or regular customers to whom you are making mod files, and they are interested in our product — they can receive all modules which you have, but they will have no access to your files, and you will keep secret your developments. They also as well as you will have an opportunity to read and write files, but only you will be able to see them and which is more important, the file will be only written with your permission. Also, you will know when the file has been written, and when not.

How does it work?

You can link the infinite number of Slave dongles to your Master (now regular) dongle: You are purchasing a Slave dongle and link it to your Master dongle. A Slave tool runs applications, connecting to the vehicle and reads the file as usual. At the end of reading it will be offered to send a request for calibration to the Master — to you. You will see his request in the Master files window. You can save the original file, and upload modified or original files to your Slave for writing. After that a Slave owner presses Write and selects the file from your files, prepared for him and after successful writing the file will be marked as USED. A Slave owner can’t use one file more than once! Actually, the file transfer does not happen between you and your Slave. All files are stored in the protected storage, and access to it is provided only to your Master dongle! You do not transfer files to your Slaves and also precisely know that a Slave already used the file!

How much does it cost?

One Slave dongle costs 50 EUR and 200 EUR for the first license activation with 1 year free usage (subscription). After 1 year usage each next year costs 200 EUR. Slaves have access to all Master purchased modules and there is no reason to buy any new module to each slave. All purchased families are available for ALL Slave dongles!

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