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AutoScanner Opel CAN

Item no.: 21A300
Contents of delivery
  • OpelScannerCAN adater
  • Software (sent via email)
Basic equipment
AutoScanner Opel CAN — 320 $
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AutoScanner Opel CAN (PRO) is a software and hardware solution (also known as OpelScan, Opel-Scan, Opel-Scanner) is intended for diagnostics, chip tuning, odometer correction and special functions activation. Some features of the device excel those of dealer scanners.

OpelSacnnerCAN is a multi-purpose diagnostic scanner. It supports the following models:

  • Agila-A(1998-2007); 
  • Agila-B (2008-2010);
  • Antara (2007-2010);
  • Ascona (1987-1989); 
  • Astra-F (1992-2002);
  • Astra-G (1998-2006); 
  • Astra-H (2004-2010); 
  • Astra-J (2010-); 
  • Calibra (1990-1997);
  • Corsa-A/Combo (1987-1993); 
  • Corsa (Vita)-B (1993-2000); 
  • Corsa (Vita)-C (2001-2010); 
  • Corsa (Vita)-D (2007-2010); 
  • Frontera-A (1992-1998); 
  • Frontera-B (1999-2003); 
  • Insignia (2009-2010); 
  • Kadett-E (1987-1991); 
  • Meriva-A (2003-2009); 
  • Meriva-B (2010-); 
  • Omega-A (1987-1994); 
  • Omega-B (1994-2003); 
  • Senator-B (1987-1993); 
  • Sintra (1997-1999); 
  • Speedster/VX220 (2001-2006);
  • Tigra-A (1995-2000);
  • Tigra-B (2005-2010); 
  • Vectra-A (1989-1995); 
  • Vectra-B (1996-2001); 
  • Vectra-C/Signum (2002-2010);
  • Zafira-A (1999-2005); 
  • Zafira-B (2005-2010); 
  • Suzuki Grand Vitara (2005-2010);
  • Saab 9-3 CAN (2002-2010);

Diagnostics of ALL electronic systems is supported on most models:

  • Engine Management Automatic; 
  • Transmission Distributor Transmission 4WD;
  • ABS — Anti-Lock Brake System and ESP — Electronic Stability Program;
  • Traction Control;
  • Air Bag Immobilizer and ATWS — Anti-Theft Warning System;
  • Central Door Locking System;
  • Info Display;
  • Instrument;
  • Power Steering;
  • Audio System;
  • Air Conditioning System and Climate Control;
  • Sliding Roof;
  • Electronic Seat Memory;
  • Add-On Heater;
  • Headlamp Leveling Device;
  • And many others...

New models and systems are added regularly.

The following functions are available when working with the systems mentioned above:

  • Reading ID parameters of control units: VINs (stored, for example, in the ECU), unit numbers as a spare part, hardware and software (firmware) versions, system type or model (e.g. engine models for the ECU), etc.
  • Fault codes reading and clearing. Fault codes definition, error status (current or stored) and conditions under which the control unit registers the fault code.
  • Viewing the current parameters of the control system. Besides the list of digital values, one parameter is represented graphically in this mode. In addition, standard values are provided for a number of parameters.
  • Enhanced mode of parameters graphic analysis: in this mode you can see up to 4 charts of parameter variations simultaneously.
  • Actuators control: valves, nozzles, ignition coils, fans, indicator lamps, relays, controllers, etc. For some tests there are tooltips containing test realization conditions.
  • Memory (firmware) reading of some control units.
  • Mileage correction for some dashboard types (through the diagnostic link connector) Vectra B 1996-2002. VDO, Astra G VDO, Zafira A (till 2000).
  • Transponder keys replacement for immobilizers of the first (IMMO1), second (IMMO2) and third (IMMO3 Vectra C, Astra H, Corsa D) generation (login is required).
  • Trip computer (Board Computer) and control system (Check Control) enabling on some GID displays of Astra H and Zafira B
  • Programming of different modules configuration (including cruise control activation) and CAN network (low, medium and high speed) for some models.
  • Clutch bleeding and engagement point adjustment for robotized MTA of the following models: Astra H, Vectra C, Zafira B, Corsa D.

The device software has friendly interface and is regularly updated.

OpelScannerCAN (PRO)

OpelScannerCAN (PRO) is a special function software working with the OpelScannerCAN adapter and a special dongle (purchased separately).

The software allows:

  • To read security codes (PIN) from various control units (ECUs, data displays, dashboards, etc.)
  • To reset ECUs To correct the mileage in ECUs
  • To change engine hours in ECUs
  • To read firmware of a number of ECUs

It functions with the following vehicles and systems:

  • Agila-A (1998-2007) (ECU); 
  • Astra-G (1998-2006) (ECU); 
  • Astra-H (2004-2010) (ECU and data display); 
  • Corsa (Vita)-C (2001-2010) (ECU and dashboard); 
  • Corsa (Vita)-D (2007-2010) (ECU); 
  • Meriva-A (2003-2009) (ECU and dashboard); 
  • Omega-B (1994-2003) (ECU); 
  • Vectra-B (1996-2001) (ECU); 
  • Vectra-C/Signum (2002-2010) (ECU and data display); 
  • Zafira-A (1999-2005) (ECU); 
  • Zafira-B (2005-2010) (ECU and data display); 

It functions with the following ECU types:

  • Motronic M155; 
  • Motronic ME155;
  • Motornic ME761; 
  • Motronic ME76x; 
  • Motronic ME96 (Z28NEx); 
  • Motronic ME311 (Y26SE, Y32SE); 
  • Simtec 71 (Z18XE(L)); 
  • Multec H ISO (Y16XE, Z14XE, Z16XE, Z16SE); 
  • Multec H CAN (Z16XE) Multec SF (X14XE, X16XEL); 
  • HDRC Multijet 6J0 EDC16 (Z17DTH, Z19DT(H)); 
  • MT35E (Z16XEP, Z16XE1) PSG16 ISO/CAN.

CanPRO features can be extended with the help of additional modules: ODO, SRS, PIN2.

OpelScannerCAN Flasher

OpelScannerCAN Flasher allows reading and flashing flash memory controllers installed in Opel vehicles. It functions with the OpelScannerCAN adapter and a special dongle (purchased separately). The software has module structure, making it possible to activate any module independently.

OpelScannerCAN Adapter Technical Specifications

Most ISO and CAN protocols support

Full-speed USB connection to a PC All CAN bus types support (High Speed, MidSpeed, LowSpeed)

Built-in multiplexer Galvanic separation and short-circuit protection Adapter microcode USB updates The adapter is built in the OBD-II connector case.

Senselock Item no.:

for CanPRO and Flasher additional modules activation

50 $
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Base Item no.:

CanPRO basic functionality

500 $
SRS Item no.:

EEPROM reading and flashing on Astra H/ Zafira B/Corsa D airbags

100 $
ODO Item no.:

Odometer correction for Opel Astra J, Insignia, Mokka, Zafira C and Chevrolet Cruze.

150 $
PIN2 Item no.:

PIN code reading for Opel Astra J, Insignia, Zafira C, Mokka, and Chevrolet Cruze, Aveo, Cobalt

500 $
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Module 1 Item no.:

Simtec MS56.5: reading, writing

50 $
Module 2 Item no.:

Simtec MS70: reading, writing;
Simtec MS71 (Z18XE and Z22XE): reading, writing;
Simtec MS71 (Y22XE): only writing; 
Simtec MS71.5: reading, writing;
Simtec МS71.6: reading, writing;
Simtec МS81: reading, writing;
Simtec МS75.1: reading, writing;
Simtec МS75.5: reading, writing.

130 $
Module 3 Item no.:

Bosch ME1.5.5: reading, writing;
Bosch ME7.6.1 (KWP): only writing; 
Bosch ME7.6.2 (CAN): reading, writing;
Bosch ME7.9.9 (CAN): reading, writing;
Bosch M3.1.1: reading, writing;
Bosch MЕ3.1.1 CAN: only writing.

130 $
Module 4 Item no.:

Multec HSFI C, Multec HSFI 2.0, Multec HSFI 2.1, Multec HSFI 2.4, Multec HSFI 2.5: reading, writing

130 $
Module 5 Item no.:

MT35E (CAN), Multec H (Z16XE OVC): reading, writing

120 $
Module 6 Item no.:

HDRC (Y17DT): reading, writing

100 $
Module 7 Item no.:

EDC15M, EDC16C39: only writing

120 $
Module 8 Item no.:

Bosch ME 9.6: map area writing

100 $
Module 9 Item no.:

Multijet CAN: reading, writing

250 $
Module 10 Item no.:

MTA CAN: only writing

80 $
Module 11 Item no.:

PSG16 KWP, PSG16 CAN: only writing;
+ a complete set of the latest firmware.

450 $
Module 12 Item no.:

Simtec76 (Cruze 1.8): reading, writing

100 $
Module 13 Item no.:

ACDelco E83 (A16XER): reading, writing of the map area

150 $
Module 14 Item no.:

ACDelco E78 (A14NET): reading, writing of the map area

150 $
Module 15 Item no.:

ACDelco E39 LDK (A20NHT): reading, writing of the map area

130 $
Module 16 Item no.:

ACDelco E38 Chevrolet Tacho: reading, writing of the map area

130 $
Module 17 Item no.:

ME764 (A16LET): only writing

100 $
Module 18 Item no.:

Astra J/Chevrolet Cruze TCU: FULL reading, writing

200 $
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