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DiagProg4 Package Japanese

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Contents of delivery
  • DiagProg4 (DP4) device
  • Set of software operating with DiagProg4 device
  • Adapter for power supply from a car lighter
  • Test Adapter
  • Parallel Adapter
  • USB cable
  • MicroSDHC card - 16GB
  • Agreement of use that grants technical support for the user as well as updated software releases
  • Small case for the device
  • Additional set of rubber bumpers
  • Cables: C1, C5, C6, C12, C14, C18, C22, D3, D3 Multiplexer, D14, D17, D30
Basic equipment
DiagProg4 Package Japanese — 3 054 $
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DiagProg4 (DP4) professional diagnostic tester, is the fourth generation device from DiagProg series which offers maximum flexibility and comfort while maintaining ease of use.
DiagProg4 diagnostic tester is innovative diagnostic equipment used for diagnostics, repair,  programming modules such as Airbag sensors, ECU, Anti-lock Braking System pump (ABS) and many more.

DiagProg4 diagnostic tester can read and erase DTC’s errors, reset engine oil inspections as well as clear accidents and make language alteration. DiagProg4 also allows to program electronic modules to vehicles after replacement or accident.
The DiagProg4 can save you a lot of time and money because a lot of functions can be accessed via OBDII connection ensuring easy, fast and safe usage. 
DiagProg4 diagnostic tester is the most advanced and powerful automotive diagnostic tool currently available on the market.

DiagProg4 diagnostic tester for cars key functions:

  • Reading and erasing Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTCs) via OBDII.
  • Engine oil inspection reset.
  • Programming electronic modules after repair, replacement or accidents.
  • Testing and tuning instrument cluster's indications.
  • Clearing /erasing accidents data.
  • Reading and erasing of advanced service history.
  • Reading and writing EEPROM memory via diagnostic connection.
  • Programming of immobilizers, keys and remotes.
  • Testing of electronic modules by diagnostic way.
  • Reading and programming FLASH memory via diagnostic connection.
  • Motohours inspection.
  • Coding of additional features in the vehicle.
  • Language alteration for dashboard and other modules.
  • Car modules repair.

DiagProg4 diagnostic tester for cars can be used for:

  • Diagnostics
  • Repair
  • Adaptation of aftermarket ECU's
  • The configuration of parameters (e.g. new menu language, new module installation). 

DiagProg4 diagnostic tester for cars supported modules:

  • The engine control unit (ECU),
  • Anti-lock Braking System pump (ABS),
  • Odometer (Instrument Cluster)*,
  • Immobilizer (anti-theft control, alarm system),
  • Body Control Unit (BSI, BCM) computer (responsible for windows/mirrors, central locking),
  • SRS airbag (responsible for airbag control),
  • Central diagnostic gate (Gateway, ZGW), responsible for diagnostics and new modules configuration,
  • Tire Pressure Monitor (TPM – module responsible for tire pressure control).
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