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ELS27 adapter

Item no.: 23E1000
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  • Adapter in the OBD-II casing
Basic equipment
ELS27 adapter — 68 $
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ELS27 is a new diagnostic adapter combining full compatibility with ELM327, high reliability and speed while working with the vehicle network. The device supports work via CAN bus and K-L lines.

Application areas: diagnostics of various vehicle systems, reading/resetting fault codes (DTC), enabling/disabling additional functions, modules and much more. Thanks to its high quality of manufacture and stable performance, as well as its low cost, the adapter has been widely recognized among repair professionals and owners of Ford and Mazda cars.

The ELS27 v4.0 diagnostic adapter is designed on the basis of the STN2120 chip, which allows you to realize all the functions of the ELM327 adapter, but:

  1. It supports two data buses — HS CAN and MS CAN — without switches and toggle switches;
  2. It works several times faster (up to 10 times, according to the chip developer);
  3. It supports SW CAN bus (used in General Motors cars);
  4. It supports MM CAN bus (used in Focus 3 and Mondeo 4);
  5. It supports firmware update so that any identified issues can be resolved by the developer;
  6. It supports sending multi-line messages;
  7. It has a working Reset NVM (settings reset), so it is almost impossible to disable the adapter programmatically.

Main features:

  • The assembly is mainly based on Prolific PL-2303HXD (as well as rev2.0);
  • FTDI FT232RQ support (as well as rev2.0);
  • The adapter is always powered via OBD, but can also be powered via USB when the vehicle network is not available;
  • It has all the useful features of previous revisions;
  • There is a built-in K-line module on L9637D with ALDL support (5V K-line);
  • Prolific version works at 1M, 2M, 4M and 8M speeds and of course with lower speeds.

Attention: This is an original adapter from the developers, manufactured in Russia and tested for compliance with all standards.

MicroUSB 1.0m Silicon Item no.: 23E1/01

Type-A --- Micro-B USB cable is 1 m long and has silicon coating and metal connectors. It remains elastic at negative temperatures which is useful while working in winter. The length of the cable will not allow to work from the passenger seat.

10 $
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