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Item no.: 21U1/04
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  • UCDS adapter without a Lincese
Basic equipment
UCDS — 205 $
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UCDS allows the user to:

  • Do diagnistics of the majority of vehicle parts and components that are connected to a central electrical module (GEM, BCMii) via the data bus (CAN);
  • Receive data embedded in the car components and modules, including their part number, version, calibration, serial number;
  • Make the necessary changes to the central configuration of the car, and change the configuration of the modules and components if necessary;
  • Update the calibration (firmware) of the modules and components of the vehicle, including the engine;
  • Perform regular language adaptation of the audio modules manufactured by SONY (Russian language only);
  • Upgrade (replacement) of the door modules software to activate the automatic folding door mirrors;
  • Etc.

Description of the diagnostic adapter:

  • The diagnostic adapter from the Universal Can Diagnostic system (UCDS) hardware-software complex is manufactured on a standard printed circuit board using modern high-speed electronic components. The printed circuit board with the necessary controls and control lamps is mounted in a standard plastic mini-box (photo 1–5) with USB-connector for connection to a personal computer with pre-installed drivers and software of the specified complex and OBD II-type connector for connection to the diagnostic interface of the vehicle.
  • Control lamps allow you to visually determine, depending on the adapter operating mode, its current state, power supply, the process currently taking place (data reading/writing) and other indicators.
  • The adapter circuitry includes the possibility of updating its internal software (firmware). To get the latest version, please contact the developers at the official UCDS forum.

The software consists of USB-serial bus drivers (FTDI drivers are recommended) installed on PC for correct pairing of PC and car data buses and the UCDS software interface itself.

The UCDS software interface has a main window for selecting the operating mode: selecting the vehicle type or selecting the service mode for updating the adapter software, updating or selecting the files of various audio modules and performing other service functions.

Currently UCDS works with the following platforms: Focus II 2004–2011; Focus III 2011, 2015; FOCUS MK4; Kuga I, Kuga II; C-MAX; S-MAX; MONDEO IV; Mondeo 2015; Galaxy; Tansit; Fiesta 2008, 20015; the list of supported cars is constantly expanding.

Minimum PC requirements:

  • Mobile or desktop PC with 2GB RAM.
  • Operating system NOT LESS than Windows 7×32 / x64
  • Free space on the disc at least 2Gb
  • IMPORTANT! Working on Apple laptops is possible only through BootCamp (but highly not recommended)! Operation via Parallels (virtual machine) is IMPOSSIBLE!

Adapter Licensing:

Adapter licences are divided into the following types:

  • Adapter WITHOUT licence: provides access to diagnostics (DTC — Diagnostic Trouble Codes), service and other procedures, Asbuilt Editor(CCC), comes with J2534 library which allows the adapter to be used with third party software.
  • ODO licence: mainly used to reset mileage, increase engine power by programming the OEM software for higher power (e.g. Ford Focus 3 150HP -> 163HP), russification of Sony 2 generation stereos (pink backlighting/plastic central volume control), programming for Ford Focus 2 2008gv and later the auto-folding of mirrors when closing/arming, as well as various additional operations.
  • EXT licence: provides access to existing sections of the software, such as: VBF Loader, Update Wizard and Direct Config.

— VBF Loader — section of the UCDS project software that allows you to independently load various files in. VBF format into the modules of Ford vehicles

— Update Wizard — section of UCDS project software that allows to update software of different modules of Ford cars in accordance with the latest IDS software databases, provided the files are available on the servers. Attention! Not all modules can be updated through this section, because update files are either not posted on the servers (security policy) or the module has an alternative way to update its own software (eg via USB or SD card).

— Direct Config is a section of the UCDS project software that allows you to configure various modules of Ford vehicles directly. A special feature for Ford Mondeo 5 and newer vehicles.
For information: Ford Mondeo 5 can ONLY be configured via this section.

Each licence has 3 validity periods — 1 month / 6 months / 1 year
During the validity period of each licence, the functionality requiring the corresponding licence can be used an unlimited number of times.

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