Autotuner UPDATE (IN STOCK): Updated FRF Selection Window

This feature lets you select and flash a complete and original FRF file from a list of files compatible with the selected ECU. It is available for both master and slave tools on the following ECUs:

  • DCM6.2V
  • EDC17C46
  • EDC17C54
  • EDC17C64
  • EDC17C74
  • EDC17CP44
  • EDC17CP54
  • EDC17CP74
  • MED17.1.10
  • MED17.1.27
  • MED17.1.62
  • MED17.5.21
  • MED17.5.25 PCR2.1

Processing this operation will have the effect of returning the vehicle to its 100% original state. Any modification previously made (tuning, patch, unlock, …) will be erased.

Depending on the files available on the server, you can find up to three different types of files in the list.

Update (green)

The file(s) listed in green are updates for the file currently installed into the vehicle. Flashing this kind of file will reduce the risk for the customer to receive an update at the dealer once the car has been tuned.

Current file — Back To Stock (blue)

The file listed in blue corresponds to the original version of the file currently installed in the vehicle. If you have any doubt wether the car has been already modified by another tuner or not, you can flash this file in order to bring back the car back in stock mode.

Downgrade (grey)

The file(s) listed in grey are older than the file currently installed in the vehicle. If the vehicle has received a Diesel Gate update, you may find a previously installed file in this list.