bFlash Update V2108A

The bFlash team presents its advanced logging solution exclusively for VAG SIMOS18.1, SIMOS18.10 and PORSCHE SDI21. This solution is intented to offer you the possibility to load your own logging configuration in bLog.
The proprietary patch allows high-frequency data acquisition. It can be applied via OBD or in BOOT, depending on the methods supported by the OEM ECU.
How fast is it?
You can log each variable at a rate of 30-50Hz depending on your configuration.
How do I activate this function?
You have to patch the ECU and your A2L once.
Does bFlash provide the definitions?
No, you will need to define your own A2L to work with this feature.
Do I really have access to everything?
Yes all the RAM memory is available, you can log all OEM variables as well as your own custom variables.
  • SIMOS18.1
  • SIMOS18.10
  • SDI21