New BitEdit Module!

Software module for editing calibrations Bosch MED17.8.10 ECUs of petrol vehicles from China market.

Supported maps:

Air Control: Airmass flow through throttle valve base, Boost pressure limitation by intake temperature, Throttle valve position from accelerator pedal, Throttle valve position from airmass flow
Boost control: Turbo compressor efficiency, Warmup isobar process for charger
Exhaust temperature: Exhaust gas temperature, Lambda correction by exhaust temperature
Idle speed control: Desired idle speed in additional mode
Injector control: Injection timing correction
Knock control: Knock retardation step for spark advance, Knock sensor sensetivity factor, Retardation recovery
Spark advance: Angle characteristic map for knock correction, Optimal spark advance, Spark advance an additional mode, Spark advance correction from lambda
Target lambda: Enrichment for component protection, Minimal target lambda for component protection, Requested torque threshold to detect full load, Target lambda for component protection
Torque model: Drag loss torque, Ignition angle delta efficiency, Ignition angle efficiency depending on angle delta, Indicated torque limitation normal mode, Indicated torque limitation sport mode, Minimal defined efficiency, Optimal indicated torque, Target air filling calculated from indicated torque
Torque request: Inverse pedal position in adiitional mode
VVT: Exhaust camshaft position, Intake camshaft position
Warm up: Lambda efficiency, Temperature factor for air throttle, Warm up correction for combustion,
Weighting factor for combustion for intake temperature and coolant temperature,