New Adapter for BitBox, PCMflash and MD flasher!

The BSL Box V9.3 adapter allows changing the power supply connected to the 30 and 15 terminals manually. The switches on the right side are the following:

  • the top one turns on the automatic power control (L–Line)
  • the bottom activates Boot Pin, the manual power control, the automatic control is on by default (12 pin OBD2)

The LED indicators indicate the presence of the voltage supply for terminals 15 and 30, as well as Boot pin activation.

BSL Box V9.5 Adapter displays the status of K-Line, L–Line and CAN signal lines with LED indicators (which is very convenient). There also is a 120 Ohm terminating resistor installed for CAN.

This adapter can be used as an alternative for BITS001.

BSL Box V9.5