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BSL Box V9.5

Item no.: 13P8000
Basic equipment
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BSL Box V9.5 is a PCMflash (module 53 and 71), BitBox and MDflasher adapter.


Сonnect the Scanmatik 2 PRO, Tactrix Openport 2.0 adapter via OBD II to BSL Box V9.3
5.5*2.1 12V/3A connector is used for the power supply connection, with the protection against polarity reversal and current overload turned on.
The connection to the ECU is done via DB15 or DB25 with the use of the universal or specialised cable. Simultaneous connection of 2 universal or specialised cables is also possible.

The BSL Box V9.3 adapter allows changing the power supply connected to the 30 and 15 terminals manually. The switches on the right side are the following:

  • the top one turns on the automatic power control (L–Line)
  • the bottom activates Boot Pin, the manual power control, the automatic control is on by default (12 pin OBD2)
  • The LED indicators indicate the presence of the voltage supply for terminals 15 and 30, as well as Boot pin activation.

BSL Box V9.5 Adapter displays the status of K-Line, L–Line and CAN signal lines with LED indicators (which is very convenient). There also is a 120 Ohm terminating resistor installed for CAN.

The pins to connect to the ECU

1. K-Line
2. GPT1(Scanmatik 2/PCMflash)
4. GPT2(Scanmatik 2/PCMflash)
5. +12 after IGN (K15)
17. +12V (K30)
19. 19. CAN-L 14 pin OBD2
20. 20. CAN-H 6 pin OBD2
22. GND


1. Boot 1 (1kOhm)
2. VPP
3. GPT2(Scanmatik 2/PCMflash)
4. CNF (1kOhm)
5. +12 (K30)
7. CAN-H
9. +12 after IGN (K15)
10. Boot 2 (1kOhm)
11. GND
12. GPT1(Scanmatik 2/PCMflash)
14. K-Line
15. CAN-L

Tricore connecting cable Item no.: 13P2/05

A version of 14P600KT02. It does not have the brown wire like an original does because it is not needed.

20 $
Universal cable for BSL Box V9.5 Item no.: 13P2/06

The universal cable DB15-PIN allows to connect to various ECU connectors, it is a better equivalent of 14P600KT02. GPT1 and GPT2 of the same colour are labelled and brought out together with additional CAN-H CAN-L. The cable has an extra pair of pins on the VECU chain and an extra pair of pins on the VKEY chain which allows to apply up to 8 supply voltages (four small pins and 4 big ones).

29 $
Cable for programming MEG17.9.21.1 Item no.: 11C5/04

Cable for programming MEG17.9.21.1

52 $
Cable for programming SIMOS12 VAG Item no.:

The cable for programming SIMOS12 VAG ECUs. The work is to be done with SIMOS12 VAG (J2534) module.

72 $
Cable for programming VAG EDC16CP34 Item no.:

Cable for programming VAG EDC16CP34. It has two ports for connecting to the ECU.

65 $
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