ECULite Updates!

32 China Truck MD1CE868 allows you to view, compare and edit the files of Sitrak Bosch MD1CE868 vehicles.

Calibrations of boost pressure, fuel pressure, fuel supply, fuel supply correction, injection phase, request and torque limit, AdBlue, sensor calibration, RPM XX, speed limiter, DTC error mask are available for editing.

In total, more than 120 calibrations are supported, depending on the software version. The module does not correct CS checksums.

It is recommended to read and write firmware to the ECU using the Combiloader programmer. This programmer automatically corrects the CS when writing the firmware file.

Functions and features:

  • Disabling SCR/Adblue is in manual mode.
  • Raising the power.
  • Changing the speed of XX.
  • Changing the speed limit.