New ChipTuningPRO Modules

Bosch MG1UA008

The module is designed for chip tuning of Chinese-made cars (Geely Emgrand 1.5L, Haval Jolion 1.5T, JAC J7) equipped with Bosch MG1UA008 ECU.

Please note: it is a third party module!
Supported software versions:

  • F01R0AD1WS.
  • F01R0AD3RT
  • F01R0AD5J7
  • F01R0AD6U8
  • F01R0AD6V2

About 200 of the most important calibrations are available for modification.
The module calculates checksums when the firmware is saved.

Abit MD22 and MD22A

The module allows chip tuning of diesel trucks and commercial vehicles equipped with Abit MD22 and MD22A ECUs.
ECU programming is carried out using the CombiLoader.

Research by reverse-engineering of the control program allowed to create an unparalleled tool for full-fledged chip tuning of trucks and commercial vehicles equipped with ABIT MD22 ECU.

This family of ECUs is used to control diesel engines:

  • GAZON NEXT 53445-A32
  • MAZ 53603-G01
  • MAZ 53603-50
  • MAZ 53623-G01
  • MAZ 53623-50
  • MAZ 53653-G01
  • MAZ 53653-G50
  • PAZ 53423-03
  • TIGR-M 5347-30
  • URAL 53603-G01
  • URAL 53603-G10
  • URAL 53613-A20
  • URAL 53613-A28
  • URAL 53613-A120
  • URAL 53613-G10
  • URAL 53623-A24
  • URAL 53623-A120
  • URAL 53623-G10
  • URAL 53623-G14
  • URAL 53653-A120
  • URAL 53653-G01
  • URAL 53653-G50

Module features:

The module allows you to edit more than 350 calibrations required for professional chip tuning.
When saving the file, the checksums of the calibration area and control programme are automatically recalculated.
Working with firmware that does not contain the control programme code has peculiarities: when opening the file, it is necessary to load the file containing the control programme area (software). These limitations are due to the fact that the DTC mask is located in the control programme area and not in the calibrations. If the file is not loaded, calibrations can be operated, but the DTC mask will not be editable.
Supported software versions (any calibrations based on these software versions are supported):

  • MD22A_AEC 07.07.150 Jul 11 2022
  • MD22A_AEC 07.07.150 Oct 28 2022
  • MD22_AEC 07.07.141 Nov 19 2020
  • MD22_AEC 07.07.143 Jul 15 2021
  • MD22_AEC 07.07.145 Sep 13 2021
  • MD22_AEC 07.07.150 Jul 12 2022
  • MD22_AEC 07.07.150 Mar 28 2022
  • MD22_AEC 07.07.150 Oct 28 2022
  • MD22_AEC 07.07.152 Jul 17 2023