PCMflash Update 1.2.7-1

Modules 1, 2, 4, 7, 33 (Ford vehicles), now allows reading of the EMS2204, EMS2205, EMS2208, EMS2209, EMS2211, EMS2214, EMS2219 ECUs, as well as reading the ECU of the PowerShift 6DCT250 dual clutch gearbox. Reading of calibrations is implemented for EMS2204, for other ECUs — the reading of the entire software.

Module 74 «Toyota/Lexus Generation 3» now supports quick ECU reading for most supported models (1–4 minutes). It also has several test protocols including full support for Yaris GR 1.6T (G16E-GTS). In addition, the ability to read the second ECU microcontroller that controls secondary functions, such as automatic transmission operation in the LC150 1GD-FTV / 2GD-FTV, has been added. Tuners, please note: the old file reading protection methods do not block «fast» reading, and to disable it, you need to replace the «no comment» line with «no reading» in the ECU ID.