PCMflash 1.2.2

New feature has been added: now the users are to tie the USB dongle to one PC. This is done via authorization on the Internet when the dongle is connected the first time.

Module 77 — Bosch ME9/MED9/EDC16 Bootloader has been released, as well as Module 78 — Subaru Gearbox.

  • Support of 85 other versions of the ECUs has been added to Module 12, «Honda/Acura CAN-bus».
  • Module 13, «Honda/Acura K-Line» now supports new ECUs, the grouping of Keihin has been reworked.
  • ME17.9.1 has been added in test stage to Module 19, with the possibility of writing and making checksum corrections.
  • Module 25, «Renault/Nissan dCi» now supports SID310 for Nissan Juke with diesel engine 1.5L. The support of DDCR in test stage, reading, writing and checksum corrections.
  • Module 26, «Mitsubishi Diesel CAN-bus» now supports ECUs with SH72543. Reading, writing, checksum corrections via OBD.
  • The support of new versions of the ECUs has been added to Module 27.
  • Module 29, «Ford PWM» now has checksum corrections for some ECUs.
  • Module 31, «Mitsubishi K-Line» can work with MH8115 without the need for Module 24.
  • The error with showing the list of updates for automatic transmissions in Module 35, «Toyota/Lexus/Scion/Hino» has been fixed. The support of TX2 has been added.
  • The error with writing the modified file in Module 41 has been fixed.
  • EEPROM 25A320/640/128 is now supported in Module 42. Checksum corrections for some ISUZU and Nissan trucks as well as Mazda and Nissan cars has been added.
  • EDC17CP55, MEDC17.9 and MED17.8.31 have beed added in a test stage in module 43.
  • The error with writing the modified file in Module 44 has been fixed, the support of EMD1 has been added.
  • Module 48 now supports MED17.1.27 and MED17.1.61.
  • Module 50 supports EDC17C64 for VW Crafter.
  • Module 51 now supports Chery (ME17U6), Geely (MED17.8.10) and GAC (ME17.8.8.1). Reading, writing and checksum corrections.
  • Module 53 now has a feature of skipping ЕСС errors when reading, new options of checksum corrections have been added for CRD3/CRD3P.
  • The file integrity requirements have been lowered for writing a file in Module 54.
  • Module 55 now supports the new Hyundai ECUs with the Euro 5 and Euro 6 requirements.
  • Module 58 supports flash reading via OBD of 0CW and 0D9, and working with direct connection to DQ200G2 of new type.
  • In Module 60 the test support of DCU102 ahs been added. Reading with direct coonnection, writing via OBD and checksum corrections.
  • The support of CPEGP2.10.1/CPGPSH2.14.1 in Kia/Hyundai with petrol engines 1.0L and 1.2L has been added to Module 61. Reading, unlocking, writing via OBD, checksum corrections.
  • Module 62 now supports TCM 6DCT451 (XPS6 Gen3) in Ford, Volvo, Renault, etc.
  • Module 69 supportd working with direct conenction to the ECU via CAN-bus (800Kbps) on the bench. The inabilty to remove DTC in some ECUs has been fixed.
  • Module 71 now supports EDC17CP18.
  • MG1CS018 and some variants of MG1CS019 are supported in Module 73.
  • Module 74 now supports vehicles with diesel engines 2.4L and 2.8L.
  • SID902 is in test stage for Module 75.
  • Module 76, «Kia/Hyundai Gearbox» now supports CPTSH2.08.2 and SIM2K-143. Reading, writing and checksum corrections.
  • And other improvements.

Module 77 — Bosch ME9/MED9/EDC16 Bootloader
Module 78 — Subaru Gearbox