PCMflash Update!

PCMflash presents four new modules:

Module 82: Bosch SH725XX TCU Bootloader, designed to work in service mode (on the bench) with Bosch TCUs with SH725xx microcontrollers, available in ZF 8HP, VAG DQ380/381/500, MEG17.9.8, MEG17.9.13, MEG17.9.21, TC60/80. Supports Flash and EEPROM reading, writing, checksum corrections.
Direct conneсtion to the ECU is required! Working with Tactrix OpenPort 2.0 is not supported! Working with Scanmatik 2/PRO, Dialink, Chipsoft, Mongoose, CarDAQ has been checked.

Module 83: VAG Bosch DQ380/DQ381/DQ500/ZF 8HP, designed to work via the diagnostic connector with DSG and automatic transmission units used in VAG vehicles. Reading (virtual), writing, checksum corrections.

Module 84: VAG Delphi DCM6.2 supports working via the diagnostic connector of VAG vehicles with Delphi DCM6.2 ECUs. Supports virtual reading, writing, checksum corrections.

Module 85: Ford Gearbox is designed for working via the diagnostic connector with 6HP28, 5R/6R/6 °F/8 °F/10R TCUs of various modifications used in Ford vehicles. Reading, writing and checksum corrections is supported.

Updates of the existing modules:

Module 7 «Ford Transit/Tourneo/Ranger, Land Rover Defender» for ECU SID208, SID209 [CK4A], SID211 now supports reading and unlocking via OBD.

Module 8 now has protocols for working with Melco and Aisin transmission control units used in Mazda vehicles. Reading, writing, verification and correction of checksums is supported.

Modules for Mazda vehicles (9, 10, 11, 72) now display the ECU type in identification.

Module 42 «Denso SH705X Bootloader» now has support for Denso ECUs with the SH7055 microcontroller installed in Jaguar vehicles from 2001 to 2008. Supports reading and writing ECU memory via the vehicle’s diagnostic connector.

Module 43 «EDC17СP42/MED17» has added the support for MED17.8.32, MEDC17.9, EDC17CP55 ECUs installed in JLR group vehicles. It supports reading, writing via the diagnostic connector, as well as checking and correcting checksums.

Module 53 «Infineon Tricore BSL» now supports TC1736 microcontrollers used in some Bosch ECUs.

In Module 56 «Ford SID807EVO/EDC17C10/EDC17C70» for ECU SID807EVO, reading and unlocking is now done via OBD

Added support for Getrag DC0/DC4 Gen2 (DKG250Gen2) transmission control units in Module 58 «VAG DSG/CVT». Reading and writing in service mode is supported.

Module 68 «JLR Denso» supports Denso ECUs installed from 2006 to 2010 in Volvo XC90 for the European market with 3.2l engine, and has test support for 4.4l engines. Reading, writing via the vehicle’s diagnostic connector, as well as checking and correcting checksums.
Attention: not all vehicles are supported!

Module 74 «Toyota/Lexus Generation 3» supports ECUs in the 2021 Highlander HV. It supports reading, writing via the diagnostic connector of the car, and checksum recalculations.

Module 76 «Kia/Hyundai Gearbox» now has support of the MEG17.9.21 ECU transmission control module. It supports writingvia the diagnostic connector of the vehicle, as well as checking and correcting checksums. ECU reading can be done using Module 82.

Support for ZF 6HP26 automatic transmission with Continental control units in Module 81 «JLR Gearbox» has been added. It supports automatic recognition of the TCU type during reading and writing, as well as checsum recalculation.