Two new MD Flasher licenses are up for pre-order!

The modules allow working via OBD or on the bench with SRS ECUs with TriCore Aurix TC2xx in Hyundai/Kia.

The module supports

  • Identification
  • Error reading
  • Error erasing
  • DFLASH reading
  • DFLASH writing

The activation files will be sent after 30.08.2021

Not all software versions are supported. If the software versions are not supported by this license, please contact the support on this portal. Please also include a photo of the ECU and the full information regarding CFLASH, DFLASH, UCB, OTP, etc.

PRE-ORDER - Licence 81 - Hyundai/Kia SRS TriCore Aurix TC2xx OBDII
PRE-ORDER - Licence 82 - Nissan/Infinity SRS TriCore Aurix TC2xx OBDII