PCMflash update!

  1. Module 12 now supports writing and chekcsumm correction for Continental LuK-UDCT ECU in Honda vehicles.
  2. Module 28 supports ME17.9.7 with the diagnostic protocol, working via CAN-bus.
  3. SIM2K-141.1 is now supported in Module 30, reading, writing and checksum corrections.
  4. Module 35 now supports the eight-speed transmission Aisin TCU with 70F4019, used in Lexus LX570. Writing and checksum corrections.
  5. Fixed the writing issue in Module 41.
  6. Module 51 supports MED17.8.10 for Chery with F4J16 engine.
  7. Module 53 has added the support of the robotiс TCU SIM2K-305.
  8. Continental LuK-UDCT for Honda is now supported in Module 58 in service mode. Reading, FLASH and EEPROM writing, FLASH checksum correction.
  9. ME9.7 is supported in Module 69 with reading, writing and checksum corrections.
  10. Module 76 supports SIM2K-305 in test stage with a robotiс TCU. Reading (with direct connection to the ECU), writing (after unlocking with module 53), checksum correction.
  11. PSG16, EEPROM 95080, is now supported in module 77. The list of supportted checksum corrections has been extended.
  12. Etc.