1.1. The present End User License Agreement (further on - The Agreement) refers to the Online shop of chip tuning and diagnostics tools "ECUTools", located at on the Internet.

1.2 The present agreement regulates the cooperation between the online shop of chip tuning and diagnostics tools "ECUTools" (further on The Shop) and the user of this website.

1.3. The Shop reserves the right to change, add and delete the points of The Agreement without notification of the user.

1.4. Using or continuing to use this site signifies the user's acceptance of The Agreement terms and its changes.


2.1. The terms listed below have the following meaning in The Agreement:

2.1.1. The Shop ECUTools is a website that belongs to "ECUTools" and is located at on the Internet, where there are the goods available for sale, as well as the terms of payment and delivery to the customers.

2.1.2 The website of the ECUTools shop (further on the Website) - is the website containing the information of the goods and the seller, that enables to choose, order and purchase the goods.

2.1.3. The Goods are the software and the chip tuning and diagnostic tools

2.1.4. The customer of the ECUTools shop (further on - The Customer) - is the person who has the access the Website through the Internet and is using the Website for choosing, ordering and purchasing the goods.

2.1.5. The contents of the Website (further on - The Contents) are the user interface, the visual interface, the names of the trademarks, logotypes, computer software, data bases, as well as the design, the structure, the assortment, the coordination, the outer view, the general style and the layout of The Contents of the items of The Shop taken either alltogether or separately from the site of the on-line shop.

2.1.6. The website administration are the authorised representatives of the ECUTools shop, who provides The Site management, the cooperation with The Customer, monitors The Site operation, and also performs other functions, concerning The Site usage.


3.1. The subject matter of the Agreement is the Customer's access to the Contents of the Website.

3.1.1. The on-line Shop provides the Customer with the following services:

- the access to the user interface of the Online Shop

- the access to the information on the Goods and the information on the purchase of the Goods free of charge

3.1.2. All the currently available (actually operating) customer services (features) of the on-line Shop, as well as their further modifications and later emerging additional services (features) of the on-line Shop are subject to this agreement.

3.2. The access to the on-line Shop is free.

3.3. The present Agreement forms an integral part of the public offer of the online shop of chip tuning and diagnostics tools "ECUTools", located at

3.4. The use of The Site materials and services is governed by rules established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.



4.1. The Online Shop has the right:

4.1.1. To change the terms of use for the Website, as well as to change the Contents of the Website. The Changes take effect since the publication of the updated version of the Agreement on the Website.

4.1.2. To limit the access to the Site in case of violation of the terms of the Agreement by the Customer.

4.1.3. To change the assortment of the Goods, offered by the Website, or the prices for the Goods offered by the Online Shop at any time without informing the Customer.

4.2. The Customer has the right:

4.2.1. To have the access to the Website

4.2.2. To use all the services provided by the Website, as well as to acquire any Goods offered by the Website according to the terms of the public offer of the Online shop of the chip tuning and diagnostics tools "ECUTools".

4.2.3. To ask any questions, concerning the services of the Online Shop using details contained on the contact page.

4.2.4. To use the Website only for purposes and in the way specified in the Agreement and consistent with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

4.3. The Customer is obliged

4.3.1. to respect the property and non-property rights of the authors and other right-holders while using the Website.

4.3.2. not to act in the way that can be regarded as violating the regular operation of the Website.

4.3.3. not to disseminate any information, that is consideredconfidential or specifically protected by the Russian Federation legislation about any private person or legal body.

4.3.4. to avoid any actions that can violate secrecy of the information, protected by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

4.3.5. not to use the Website to spread the advertising information without the prior consent of the Website administration.

4.3.6. not to use the services provided by the Website for: ... uploading the contents that is illegal, breaches the third party rights, advocates violence, cruelty, hatred and racial, national, sexual, religious or social discrimination, provides false information and / or insults to specific individuals, legal bodies or authorities. ...  inciting illegal actions, as well as to assist persons who intend to violate the existing restrictions and prohibitions, operating on the territory of the Russian Federation. ... violating  the rights of the juveniles and / or to cause damage to the juveniles in any form. ... misinforming anyone about the properties and characteristics of any of the Goods from the online Shop at the Website. ... making a flawed comparison of the Goods, as well as to establish a negative attitude towards the persons, (not) using the definite Goods or to criticize such persons.

4.4. The user is not allowed to:

4.4.1. use any devices, software, procedures, algorithms and methods, automatic machines or the analogue manual processes to access, acquire, copy or monitor the Website contents.

4.4.2. violate the regular operation of the Website.

4.4.3. circumvent the navigational structure of the website in order to receive or attempt to receive any information, documents or materials by any means that is not specifically provided by the Website services.

4.4.4. have an unauthorised access to the features of the Website, any other systems or networks, belonging to the Website, and also all the services, provided by the Website.

4.4.5.  breach the website security or the identification system of the Website or any network, belonging to the Website.

4.4.6  perform inverted search, to monitor or attempt to monitor any information about any other user on the website.

4.4.7.  use the Website and its Contents for any other purposes, forbidden by the legislation of the Russian Federation, and also to incite to any illegal activities or other activities breaching the rights of the administration of the Website or other persons.



5.1. The website and its contents belong to and are administered by the Online Shop.

5.2. The Contents of the Website cannot be copied, published, reproduced, transmitted or distributed in any way, as well as uploaded on the Internet without the prior letter of consent of the Online Shop.

5.3. The purchase of the Goods offered by the Site may require creating an account of the Customer.

5.4. The Customer is personally responsible for keeping confidentiality of the account, including the password, and also for all the activity of the account.

5.5. The Customer must promptly give notice to the Online Shop about any unauthorized use of the account or the password or any other breach of the Website security system.

5.6. The online Shop has the right to unilaterally cancel the account of the Customer, if it has not been used for more than 12 months in succession without notification of the Customer, or if the Customer violates the terms of the present Agreement.


6.1. Any losses that the Customer may have as the result of deliberate or accidental violation of any of the points of the present Agreement, as well as the result of the unauthorised access to the account by the other Customer are not compensated by the Online Shop.

6.2. The Online Shop is not responsible for

6.2.1. any detentions or errors in the performing of the customer actions, happened as a result of force majeure, and also as a result of any malfunction in the telecommunication, computer, electric or other related systems.

6.2.2. the acting of the remittance, banking or payment systems and the delays due to their operation.

6.2.3. the improper functioning of the Website in case if the Customer does not have the necessary technical equipment for its usage, and also the Online Shop is not responsible for providing the Customers with such equipment.


7.1. The Online Shop has the right to pass the information about the Customer to the third person in the circumstances laid down by the points 6.2 and 6.3 of the Data Protection Guidelines of the Customers of the on line shop of the chip tuning and diagnostics tools "ECUTools".

7.2. The Online Shop has the right to cancel the account of the Customer or to lock file access to the Site, if the Customer has violated the present Agreement or the terms of the Site usage,  contained in the other documents and also in case of the termination of the Site operation because of the technical fault or problem.

7.3. The Online Shop shall not be liable to the Customer for the termination of access to the Site in case of the violation of any point of the present Agreement or the terms of the Site usage, contained in the other documents.


8.1.  The dispute resolution procedure that is stated by the terms (obligations) of the present Agreement is obligatory.

8.2. The time taken to consider the complaint is 30 (thirty) consecutive days since the day the letter is received by the addressee.

8.3. When it is impossible to settle the dispute without the legal proceedings, any of the parties has the right to appeal to a court to defend their rights, provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation.