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CAN Hacker 3.2

Item no.: 40C3000
Contents of delivery
  • CAN-USB adapter
  • CAN cable with two twisted pair wires
  • CAN-Analyzer software (available on the manufacturer's website)
Basic equipment
CAN Hacker 3.2 — 100 $
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Status: In stock

CAN-Hacker 3.2 is a universal twin channel CAN-USB interface. It comes with CAN analyzer software. The device will help you connect to the CAN bus, analyze the transmitted data and send your packets. Various options allow to significantly extend the functionality of the device at a low price.

Technical specifications:

  • CAN channels quantity: 2;
  • Bandwidth: 4000\8000 frames per second (depends on firmware type);
  • PC connection: USB 2.0 Virtual COM Port, CDC class;
  • Additional options: LIN analyzer, Leaf-Coder, CAN-Coder, OBD2 Cable;
  • Software: CARBUS Analyzer.

CAN-Hacker 3.2 can help to solve the following tasks:

  1. Analyzing the work of CAN and LIN (optional) buses of cars and special purpose vehicles;
  2. Working on the bench with ECUs and vehicle units controlled by CAN and LIN buses (e.g. steering racks and EHPS/EPS units);
  3. Emulating the sensors and control units directly on the vehicle;
  4. Programming ECUs;
  5. Reverse engineering of CAN/LIN networks for vehicle monitoring and telemetry.

All these features are invaluable in the process of car repair, as well as during the installation and development of additional security, telematic and navigation equipment for any vehicle.


  • CARBUS Analyzer — CAN and LIN bus analyzer software;
  • UBT — software for downloading files into the interface and activating options.

Files supplied:

  1. CH32_xxxxxx_CANLIN_GW_CR.bin — firmware to work with CAN or LIN buses.
    Supports: two CAN channels or one LIN bus channel (requires activation), Gateway mode (CAN filter)
    Maximum receive rate: 4000 frames per second.
    This firmware is optimal for working with CAN Bomber functions!
  2. CH32_xxxxxx_CANLIN_CR.bin — firmware to work with CAN or LIN buses.
    Supports: two CAN channels or one LIN channel (requires activation)
    Maximum receive rate — 8000 frames per second.
    This firmware provides the most complete CAN data! Under normal loading conditions, 100% of the frames are obtained.

The supplied firmware files are located in the archive with the program CARBUS Analyzer in the folder UBT\ Firmware Files. The firmware is downloaded be means of the UBT program.

Additional options:

The following additional options are supported:

  1. LIN Bus Analyzer. Requires installation of an additional LIN module and activation by means of an activation code;
  2. CAN-Coder. Software for programming KIA\ Hyundai vehicles. Requires activation by means of an activation code and downloading a special firmware file;
  3. Leaf-Coder. Software for programming of Nissan Leaf ZE0 and AZE0 dashboards. Requires special firmware download;
  4. OBD2 cable. Allows easy connection of the interface to the standard OBD2 diagnostic plug.

Activation of additional options is done using the UBT program.

CAN Cable 

Wire colour coding:

  • Yellow with a black stripe — CAN-Low channel 1;
  • Yellow with a white stripe- CAN-High Channel 1;
  • Orange with a black stripe- CAN-Low channel 2;
  • Orange with a white stripe- CAN-High channel 2.
LIN bus analyzer Item no.: 40C3/01

Requires installation of the additional LIN module and activation by means of a code.

25 $
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