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PolDiag MB Benz Programmer

Item no.:
Contents of delivery
  • Main Poldiag unit
  • OBD2 cable
  • Power adapter (which supports VAG BENCH MEDC17)
  • NEC adapter for key resetting
  • IR adapter
  • IR adapter for key writing and reading
  • Mercedes license
Basic equipment
PolDiag MB Benz Programmer — 1 050 $
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Status: Pre-order

Keymaster Poldiag MB is a tool for working with keys, EIS/EZS, ELV/ESL in Mercedes vehicles.

Poldiag Functions:

  • Reading passwords or data is done via OBD or IR;
  • Adding or/and fixing a used EZS, ELV, gearbox controler, engine ECU, or key;
  • All key lost at no extra cost! No TOKENS;
  • Generate as many passwords and keys as you want;
  • No soldering is required;
  • There is no need to open EZS housing. This applies to ALL TYPES OF EZS, from W202, W203, W208, 210 to 207, 204, 166,176, 212, 221, and many more;
  • Everything is done via OBD/IR in the car or after connecting the adapter to the EZS plug, ELV, ECU, TCU, ISM, EWM controller.

Reading, renew and saving functions

  • EIS/EZS, ELV/ESL, Engine ECU, Gearbox TCU, ISM/DSM selection, ESM/EWM selection;
  • Reading, writing, renewing ALL types of FBS3. No soldering required;
  • Personalization, activation of renewed elements on the bench or in car;
  • The fastest password finding from the EZS without additional charges. No limits;
  • Renewing, modification of data stored in the ELV;
  • Unlocking / renewing the engine controllers of ALL TYPES;
  • Virginizing / renewing of ISM / DSM, and also EWM/ESM W220, W215, W230;
  • Copying / cloning of all types of EZS without soldering or opening it;
  • The function of the so-called green key or gray key — the program generates a key which replaces the service key and allows you to modify the data at the dealer level! For free!


  • Emergency Start all keys lost allows the emergency start-up in case you lose all keys and need to get to the workshop;
  • Fastest servers for password collection;
  • Support all types of the original keys: MOTOROLA, NEC, BGA, BE, Chinese, VVDI types, CGDI types;
  • Read, renews used NEC, BE and Orginal KeyLess Go keys;
  • BE keys include the option to change the frequency from the program level (315, 433Mhz) and MULTIPLE saving, deleting, erasing — everything is done over IR in a few seconds;
  • Emulation function — checking the path of the key, checking the correctness of the password, resetting the key use counter.

ELV / ESL — steering lock control

  • Reading ESL by OBD (K-line);
  • Renewing ESL Lock. Included BGA W246;
  • ESL exchange;
  • VIN programming;
  • TP erasing;
  • Automatic personalization of ESL;
  • Checking the functioning of ESL;
  • Programming and erasing the emulator (renewal);
  • ESL emulation — allows checking if the ignition functions correctly by simulating the connected ESL / ELV lock;
  • W246, W176 ELV with BGA CPU — Reading / Renewing / Writing via OBD.
PCR2.1 Activation Item no.:

Reading, decoding IMMO data
Fixing IMMO data
Clonimg/transfering, changing IMMO data
ECU unlocking
No other tool are needed
Decode IMMO data without FLASH or CPU ID. Immo data calc from EEPROM only

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