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PolDiag Special VAG Set

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Contents of delivery
  • PolDiag Programmer
  • PolDiag OBD Interface
  • MQB Power Adapter
  • MQB RH850 + 35xx Adapter Cable
  • BCM2 “in circuit” Adapter Cable
  • VAG Key Adapter
Basic equipment
PolDiag Special VAG Set — 4 361 $
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PolDiag Special VAG Set is an advanced and comprehensive toolkit designed for automotive professionals. This set is more than just a tool – it’s a gateway to advanced  programming for VAG group vehicles (Volkswagen AG), encompassing brands like Audi, Skoda, Seat, VW, and Cupra.

PolDiag Special VAG Set components:

  1. PolDiag Programmer: The foundation of the set, enabling efficient and precise work.
  2. PolDiag OBD Interface: An OBD interface providing fast and stable connectivity to the vehicle.
  3. MQB Power Adapter: A specialized power adapter for MQB vehicles.
  4. MQB RH850 + 35xx Adapter Cable: An adapter cable for MQB RH850 and 35xx processors, crucial for precise operations.
  5. BCM2 “in circuit” Adapter Cable: A special adapter cable for BCM2 operations.
  6. VAG Key Adapter: An adapter essential for key-related operations.

PolDiag SPECIAL VAG SET Advanced Licenses:

  1. MQB RH850 FULL License: Full license for MQB RH850 processor support. WITH RH5D EXTENSION
  2. MQB 35xx FULL LICENSE: License for MQB 35xx processor support, with functionalities for mileage change, transfer, upgrade, and cloning of instrument clusters.
  3. BCM2 FULL LICENSE: A comprehensive license for BCM2 module operations.
  4. OBD IMMO 5 PARTS ADAPTATION: License for adapting immo parts via OBD in IMMO 5 systems.
  5. PCR2.1: License for support, cloning, and decoding of Simos PCR2.1.
  6. CLUSTERS A6 C7, A7, A8 D4, Touareg 2010+: License for handling clusters of these models, with mileage correction, error repair functions, and more.
  7. RB4 RB8 Clusters: License for handling RB4 and RB8 clusters, with mileage correction, key learning functions, and more.
  8. VAG OLD ECU IMMO: License for handling older VAG ECUs, with capabilities for reading, writing, and transferring immo data.

Additional Features:

  • Reading MQB RH850 Clusters, with the ability to decrypt and edit mileage data in all MQB RH850 clusters. Golf 8, Octavia IV
  • Support for Various Types of Clusters:  Inc. RETROFIT Analog, LCD/Virtual. (IMMO 5A type)
  • Support for Various Renesas MCUs: Including R7F701401, R7F701402, among others.
  • MQB RH850 IMMO Support: Reading data in case of all keys lost, generating immo data files ( IMMO 5A)

NOTE: WhatApp is required.
Each person who purchases the RH850 solution will be assigned to a group and ONLY then will they be able to run and use the license.

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