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VehiCAL Logger

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Basic equipment
VehiCAL Logger — 59 $
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The VehiCAL datalogger allows to quickly log measurement parameters on supported ECUs. On several of them, logging the complete memory is supported (ram logging). The tool provides the definitions for the measurements present in the ECUs. 100-3000 on normally logged ECUs and 10000-60000 parameters on ram loggable ECUs. The licensing is a monthly subscription for Basic protocols and a per-vehicle license for Advanced protocols Additionally the tool allows real time tuning of many Bosch ECU's.

Selected features

  • Up to 100hz full RAM data logging
  • No A2L's or other data needed
  • Simultaneous logging of Master ECU, Slave ECU, TCU
  • Realtime tuning for many ECU's. Including Master & Slave configurations.
  • WinOLS integration
  • Works with inexpensive J2534 hardware


  • PC with Windows 7 SP1 or newer.
  • J2534 compatible interface cable. E.g. Tactrix OpenPort. 
  • Internet connection during the initialization and patching phases only.


The licensing status is displayed in the main window after initialization. A license is not needed to see if the logger is compatible with the ECU. You should always check compatibility before purchasing credits. Also check the parameter list and make sure that you are satisfied with the available parameters.

Before you can log, patch or LIVE tune you first need a license:

  • Basic protocols require a single monthly subscription to be active. Click the Extend… button to extend the subscription for credits.
  • Advanced protocols require a per VIN license. For buying the license an active subscription is required, but the protocol will continue working even after the subscription expires. Click the Buy License button to buy a license for credits.
  • LIVE tuning licenses can only be bought together with an Advanced protocol license or if you buy only the Advanced license and wish to add the LIVE later you can pay the difference.


Pricing for basic protocols:
5 credits/month subscription gives access to all protocols.

Pricing for advanced protocols:
5 credits/VIN for specific vehicle. To buy an advanced protocol you must have an active subscription. Once bought, the advanced protocol will keep functioning even if the subscription expires.

PRO Version

For larger companies with multiple dealers there is a master and slave system. The slave can be customized with a company banner and the name of the application can be changed. The master can track all usage remotely, as well as edit profiles, choose the logs to be encrypted and so on. PRO has an upfront setup fee, and a higher monthly subscription fee, however the number of slaves is not limited and slaves do not have to pay a subscription. Additionally, all LIVE tuning functionality is free of charge for PRO customers. If your company has 5 or more regular subdealers, or you work with many remote clients, then PRO will reduce the cost and also make setup and logging much easier. The slave only has to select the correct protocol, for everything else you are in full control.


  • Setup fee – 250 credits
  • Monthly subscription – 10 credits
  • Advanced protocols – 5 credits/VIN
  • LIVE tuning – free (normally 5 credits per VIN)


To apply for activation you must send us the end user email which is the login to the vehical.net personal cabinet. 

The technical support is provided by the developer directly.

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