Flashtec SA

Flashtec started as the Italian company CMDtec. CMDtec later moved to Switzerland where was renamed to Flashtec. The chief developer came from Dimpsort, another famous manufacturer of chip tuning tools. Flashtec was first to develop a stable OBD solution for Infineon MPC555 ECUs, such as Bosch EDC16. It was Flashtec who was first to offer support for BMW F-series. Flashtec is one of the leaders of the market producing prefessional chip tuning tools, they are working constantly on new ECUs and new protocols. By many accounts, CMD is the most reliable chip tuning tool on the market which has user friendly interface and functions flawlessly. If you are a professional tuner and want to work with the latest BMW, Mercedes or Audi, Flashtec tools are the best choice!