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CMD Flash Master Full

Item no.: 11C3000
Contents of delivery
  • Tool and connection cables
  • OBD-II protocols activation
  • BOOT (st10, Tricore) protocols activation
  • One year subscription
Basic equipment
CMD Flash Master Full — 9 079 $
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Status: Pre-order

CMD Flash is a popular flasher in Europe which allows to tune a great number of vehicles of various brands. Its characteristic features are a considerable carlist and regular update of supported ECUs.


  • Reading and flashing via OBD KLine, CANBUS, DoiP ENET;
  • Reading and flashing via BDM, JTAG, BOOT-MODE (BSL Tricore, C167/ST10) for all supported processors ST10, C167, RENESAS, TRICORE, TC29x, MPC5777;
  • Reading and flashing VAG FRF/ODX/SGO;
  • Reading and flashing unencrypted files;
  • Automatic checksums;
  • Recovery after errors;
  • CMD Flash / WinOLS Plug-in for importing / exporting files from/to EVC WinOLS;
  • Software update via Internet;
  • On-Line service for digital signature recalculation;
  • Access to the database of original files.

CMD Flash Slave

It is cheaper to use the Slave version to arrange the work of a few tuners (a network of representatives).


CMD Flash is a hardware and software solution which includes:

  • hardware;
  • software licenses;
  • connecting cables and probes;
  • *MPC55xx BDM, positionig frames with adapters and industrial vehicles are not included.

The tool is purchased together with the necessary licenses and connecting cables. The purchased licenses are provided with free update subscription and technical support during the first year. Later the subscription is to be renewed every year. If the subscription has not been renewed, the tool stops functioning. The subscription can be renewed any time after any pause in usage. In order to get all the updates released since the subscription expired one has to pay for the whole period.

Upgrade Master (any configuration) to Full Master Item no.:

This includes:

  • DoiP ENET cable;
  • BOOT/Bench Interface for all supported processors ST10, C167, RENESAS, TRICORE, TC29x, MPC5777; 
  • BDM - MPC5xx;
  • All accessories included for OBD, boot and bench;
  • High current Power supply suitable for BOOT - Bench and BDM.

*MPC55xx BDM, positionig frames with adapters and Industrial Vehicles are not included;
*Tools must have a valid subscription.

2 466 $
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Cable for working with Bosch MG1CS002 Item no.: 11C3/01

Allows connecting to the ECU via the original connector. It is possible to work directly on the vehicle. With this connection option, together with the CMDFlash software, Full Flash Reading and Writing is available.

68 $
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