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Bosch EDC17CP09

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Bosch EDC17CP09 — 218 $
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Editing calibrations of Bosch EDC17CP09 ECUs of diesel BMW vehicles.

Supported filesize 4MB.

Available maps:

Airmass: desired airmass flow with enabled and disabled EGR, maximal airmass flow, airmass correction
Boost control: boost controller duty cycle base, in regeneration, in double injection mode, with disabled EGR, maximal boost controller duty cycle
Boost pressure: boost pressure limitation, desired boost pressure base, in regeneration, in double injection mode, with disabled EGR, with closed bypass
DPF: Enable switches for DPF, regeneration lookup mask, exhaust sensor scaling and check conditions
EGR control: thresholds for enable/disable EGR
EGT Sensors: EGT sensors scalings, switches and check conditions
Injection: injection quantity from torque conversion maps, injector opening time, post injection quantity
Rail pressure: Rail pressure base, at idle, rail pressure limiters, P, I components for flow regulator, injection flow regulator map, rail pressure regulator maps
Start: engine speed after start, start torque, minimal engine speed
Start of injection: base start of injection angle for main injection, time component between Pi1 and Pi2
Target lambda for smoke limitation
Torque limitation: torque limitation inner/outer torque, powertrain torque, conditional torque limitation from EGT, exhaust pressure, fuel temperature, torque limitation in system errors.
Torque monitoring: torque limitation in monitoring mode, accelerator pedal for monitoring
Requested torque: requested torque from accelerator pedal base, requested torque correction factors from coolant and atmospheric pressure
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