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Bosch ME(G)17.9.2x

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Bosch ME(G)17.9.2x — 218 $
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Editing calibrations Bosch ME(G)17.9.21/22 and ME17.9.2 ECUs of petrol normal aspirated Kia/Hyundai vehicles.

Available maps:

Air charge control: Mass air flow pulsation correction, target air filling
Exhaust gas: Ignition angle correction by EGT, static exhaust gas temperature
Injector control: Start of 1st injection, start of 1st injection during start, start of 1st injection in warm mode
Knock control: Knock sensetivity, detonation regulation window, spark advance retardation step, detonation measurement window
Limiters: Engine speed limitation from coolant, oil, intake temperatures
Spark advance: Angle characteristic map for knock correction, delta ignition base, minimal spark advance, delta ignition for overboost protection, optimal spark advance, spark advance base
Throttle valve control: Airmass flow through throttle valve, throttle valve position, throttle position from pedal position direct law
Torque model: Drag loss torque, optimal indicated torque, full load detection threshold, ignition angle efficiencies, lambda efficiency, maximal indicated torque in normal and sport modes, minimal efficiency
Torque request: Requested torque on all gears and modes, inverse pedal position map for torque checkout
VVT: Intake camshaft position at catalyst heat, intake camshaft position base, intake camshaft position warm engine
Warm up: Warm up correction for combustion, weighging factor for combustion for both temperatures, temperature correction factor for throttle
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