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China Bosch MSE8.0

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Basic equipment
China Bosch MSE8.0 — 217 $
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Software module for editing calibrations of Bosch MSE8.0 ECUs used in different moto/extreme vehicles (CFMoto, Sinnis, Dayang, Kove, Zontes, etc).

Available maps list:

Air Calculation: Inversed pedal characteristic map, Mass air flow through throttle valve at idle, Target air filling, Mass air flow intake temperature correction factor
Dwell: Dwell Time (Charge Coil)
Engine speed limitation: Engine speed limitation in additional mode
Fan control: Fan control sensor, Fan control temperature
Fuel: Acceleration enrichment factor, Deceleration enrichment factor Fuel enrichment at warm up 1, Post start enrichment factor, Share factor for acceleration enrichment, Share factor for deceleration enrichment, Temperature factor for air throttle valve
Lambda: Lambda for component protection, Lambda efficiency, Target lambda at full load
Spark Advance: Minimum spark advance, Optimal spark advance, Spark advance angle, Spark advance efficiency by delta ignition angle
Temperature: Exhaust gas temperature
Throttle Control: Mass air flow through throttle valve control, Maximum throttle position
Torque: Engine drag loss torque, Optimum torque, Torque limitation
Vehicle speed (if found, not guaranteed): Vehicle speed limiters