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Continental SIM2K-25x

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Basic equipment
Continental SIM2K-25x — 217 $
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Software module for editing calibrations Continental SIM2K-250/251/253/258/259 ECUs of petrol normal aspirated and turbocharged Kia/Hyundai vehicles.

Available maps:

Air Calculation: Basic air mass flow through the throttle body depend on TPS and engine speed, Setpoint mass air flow depending on slow torque setpoint in additional mode, Constant to define the maximum air temperature, Maximum air temperature setpoint that could be controlled using the torque setpoint reduction
Driver Request: Driver interpretation map in additional mode, Driver interpretation map for automatic transmission vehicle
Exhaust temperature model: Basic engine out exhaust gas temperature for reference conditions, Basic ignition angle for the exhaust gas temperature model, Reference ignition angle for the exhaust gas temperature model
Fuel pressure: Calculation of mass fuel flow, Fuel pressure setpoint in additional mode
Idle speed: Nominal idle speed with air conditioner switched on (A/T), Nominal idle speed with air conditioner switched on (M/T), Nominal idle speed with air conditioner switched on and vehicle rolling (M/T), Nominal idle speed with DRIVE (A/T) engaged, Nominal idle speed with DRIVE (A/T) engaged and air conditioner switched on
Ignition maps: Basic ignition angle, Basic minimum ignition angle difference value, Ignition correction, Ignition correction via coolant temperature, Ignition correction via intake air temperature, Reference ignition angle
Target lambda: Lambda for component protection, Lambda full load enrichment, Reference lambda value
Throttle valve control: Manual throttle position setpoint, Maximum throttle position setpoint at ignition key on for non TCI and A/T
Torque model: Coolant and oil temperature correction of friction torque, Frictional and pumping torque losses of the engine, Indicated engine torque at reference conditions, Maximum torque, Maximum torque due to coolant temperature, Maximum torque due to oil temperature, Minimum torque, Basic ignition angle efficiency, Lambda efficiency, The Torque setpoint that could be set as threshold when the turbocharger protection bit is active, Torque limitation for turbocharger protection based on boost pressure actuator, Torque limiter depended on fuel tank level
Turbo pressure: Ambient pressure based maximum turbocharger speed, Calculated turbo charger speed, Customer specific maximum turbocharger speed, Intake air temperature based maximum turbocharger speed, Boost pressure actuator setpoint, Maximum charge air pressure quotient for charge air pressure too high (CAP_H) diagnosis, Minimum charge air pressure quotient for charge air pressure too low (CAP_L) diagnosis, Open loop wastegate control signal, Pressure up throttle setpoint, Max. pressure up throttle at standard conditions